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Saturday, February 01, 2003
Just a little reminder to the High Priests of South Dakota Public Radio.

It is SD PUBLIC Radio not South Dakota JOAN RUSSELL Radio

Wednesday, June 12, 2002
Janklow should dump a few dollars from his $800,000 political slush fund into analyzing what is actually the real problem with voters in the recent GOP primary.

Contrary to most guesses about the upset victory of Mike Rounds over Barnett and Kirby, the real reason was actually the fact that Republican voters have no sense of humor.

Barnett people assumed that GOP voters could laugh a little at his opponent's ludicrous proposals without generating mental hernias of some kind. He was wrong. There is no humor vein in Republican primary voters. The very thought of a Republican ever criticizing another Republican was such a shock to their systems, that their minds went into the "Mike Rounds default" mode. Mental fuses were burned out.

Kirby obviously thought GOP primary voters would find it funny (or maybe odd?) that he had a $500,000 house in Sioux Falls, but had a $4,000,000 house in Colorado. Apparently there are more than a few jobless Republican voters with no sense of humor about this at all.

Of course, my theory may be all wrong. After all, a lot of Republicans apparently think it is really funny when Janklow lies, exaggerates, distorts, slanders, etc. when he attacks mothers, teachers, School officials, boys asking embarrassing questions at Boy's State, Native Americans, convicts, etc...whatever is his enemy of the week. Really funny stuff there apparently. Big joke when he hauled out a machine gun or whatever at the Wagner Pork Plant???... there was more than one packing plant in SD before all the Janklow administrations I think.

Well, much research is needed on the GOP primary voters' lack of any sense of humor anyway. It is probably another area where SD ranks 50th after all these GOP administrations.
---------- Doug Wiken

Friday, May 31, 2002
Did I see this or not? I saw part of a Pressler TV ad today. He was standing next to an old John Deere tractor...probably something
he drove 30 or 40 years ago before he conned enough people into voting for him that he could beat the pompous ass Frank Denholm...a Democrat
who piously bragged that he was the "only candidate who had systematically prepared himself to be a Congressman". Strangely, being an
auctioneer was part of that preparation...but I digress.

As Pressler stands next to the tractor, he notes something like this as he points to it, "I am not an expert on used vehicle sales and prices, but
I do know something about these." Whatever he said after that, I missed. Was that an oblique shot at the would-be-emperor of SD.. Wild Bill Jeep
Bargain Hunter Janklow? Oh, dear. Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment or whatever was kind of left twisting in the wind on that one. I think it
is sort of clever and I laughed when I saw it. I hope it burns into the subliminal minds of the GOP primary voters.

Otherwise, Pressler's ads have been downright silly. He wants us to be reminded of his seniority. What he did in regard to communication policy and
his attacks on public broadcasting as he accumulated that dubious seniority are what lost him an election. He now wants us to remember something
that happened many years ago when the FBI apparently considered him meat for their Ab-Scam politician grinder-upper. He did escape that bit of entrapment.
Wonder what Plastic Pressler thinks about Aschcroft abridging a lot of regulations on the FBI?

In another ad, we have his somewhat bloated face in a closeup that looks like he is partway pushed through the TV screen. He very sincerely
assures us that "He wants to be a Congressman again."... Gee whiz. I am amazed. But, which version of the Plastic Pressler will we get
if he should happen to become congressman again? Inquiring minds...well, that is an illusion or oxymoron if it is "Republican Inquiring minds" and
I guess that is who will vote in the GOP primary...but anyway... Will he be the "Farmer boy" congressman? Would he be the "Big Media" Congresman?,
Would he be the blundering Congressman? Will he be the "Whatever you want to hear me say today" congressman? Will he be the Gov't 101 Congresman?

But, alas. My guess is that the stinking, stinging, mean, in your face, bayonet in your guts, always hyper defensive, always needlessly aggressive, always
full of himself Bill Janklow will stomp Plastic Larry. But, every 50 years or so, the GOP primary surprises somebody. Not long to wait now.--------
(c) 2002 Douglas Wiken for SDPP-ORG..

A forum poster in Salon Table talk suggested that the one major reform the FBI needs to make is put the reports
into formats that can be loaded onto a secure intranet and then buy Google to index/search it all.

The same kind of search any of us might do on the open internet for something like "terror suspect aircraft flight training" would
quickly pick up links suggesting a potential for really big problems.

I read the idea last night, this morning, the Sioux Falls ARGUS LEADER has an article on a Sioux Falls firm that is putting South Dakota state government publications into a database searchable by their "BrightPlanet" search engine...apparently. The story is a business news story and a tad bit short on just what BrightPlanet is really doing as part of their contract.

However, my guess is that it is much like the previous suggestion. BrightPlanet claims to have a "deep search" system. does appear that there is not a whole lot of reason for FBI regional reports from Minneapolis and Phoenix passing like ships in the night heading for the Bermuda Triangle. The FBI probably does not need rocket science nor a huge incursion into the Bill of Rights in order to do a much better
job of handling the information they already get.

Somebody yesterday said that so much information is now coming into intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies that it is like
trying to "drink from a firehose". My guess is most internet regulars have the same feeling about information on the internet. Without
search engines like Google and BrightPlanet, most of the information would only be available to a few people and if only sorted by
careful readers, it would be useful to many fewer people.

Think about that in the context of adding more FBI bureaucrats and Ashcroft deciding that restraints on FBI procedures are somehow
aiding and abetting terrorists. Part of the solution to their problem may be right in front of nearly eveybody who ever sits down at their
computer with an internet connection and uses a search engine. (c)2002 Douglas Wiken for SDPP-ORG.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002
The Thune Family Orchestration of Political Ads just so fam damn family-ish

It seems like only a few days ago, but I suppose it was a month or two ago. John Thune dumped a TV ad all across SD.
It dribbled out the syrupy GOP crap on "SD Values, etc." and with kind of a jarring thud dumped in the phrase something
like "And my hero, My Dad...who was in WW!!, etc. etc.". Now, we have his Dad and Mom....both nice people of course, but
don't dig too deeply into the sale of their old hardware store years ago, who endorse...believe it or not...their son John Thune.
Astonishing of course. I guess his old man has repaid the favor of being called a hero by his son, the Susan Mollieri? calendar
hunk. Astonishing too that a successful Thune family with a son in Congress needs to have their social security and medicare
protected by a "lock box" or any other rhetorical sham..

And, ever notice that wheat stem and head of wheat in his ads? Do you think John Thune has ever worked on a wheat farm?
Do you think he has ever shoveled even a bushel of grain of any kind? I don't think he has ever worked at any job in his life that didn't involve direct or indirect sucking of a federal or state government teat. Watch the GOP ads carefully, almost always they stress the candidate's weakest points and stress eternal virtues that are almost always almost completely irrelevant to the world of politics and government.

Stay tuned for some comments on Larry Pressler's campaign for Congress; but remember, no matter how terrible, he could
not be worse than Bill Janklow.

Saturday, May 25, 2002
Commment--- Oh joy, those TV ads for the GOP Gubernatorial primary candidates

All I know about the GOP candidates is what I see on TV. Well, that is not quite true, I try to read
their stuff in the Rapid City Journal and in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. There is a limit on how much
of it I can take however. Barnett and Kirby are trying to be more conservative than Rush Limbaugh on
social issues, more pro-business than Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, and more anti-birth control, anti family
planning and anti-abortion than the Pope and as sanctimoniously religious as At. Gen Ashcroft.

. Rounds is running in Janklow's shadow. He was his legislative
water boy. I guess if we are crazy enough to want more "janklow", we should be thrilled to see that
Rounds is increasing his support while spending a fraction of the $million or more Kirby has dumped into
TV ads and who knows what else. Now they are fighting over who has the most support from the gun nuts.

Kirby wants to dump millions of state money into promoting the tourist industry. Of course, we might wonder
if that would help his wife's family ..owners of Wall Drug ..just a bit. We might expect Barnett
and Rounds to pour millions of state money into more prisons and then more and more millions into keeping
more South Dakotans in prison. I guess if building legitimate business is too difficult with a minimum wage
that prevents most South Dakotans from buying anything besides grocieries and clothes after paying rent
or real estate taxes, then business backers of the Republicans will have to settle for building more prisons.

I suppose now that a college in Springfield has been converted to a prison, and Yankton has a federal
prison by converting Yankton College, and Pierre has a woman's prison, ..well. you know.. that leaves
Aberdeen. Heck there are even a few Democrats in Brown County, so Republicans should be thrilled about
building another prison there. Well, who knows what promises we will hear next. After about 100 years of
Republican control of both SD legislature and Governors office, South Dakota is nearly last in every rating of
economic, social, or educational measure. Republicans can do more however. They can put SD first in
the percentage of the population in prison. RR&RWOR..Republican Retribution and Retaliation without Rehabilitation...
it does have a certain alliterative quality, but probably reminds Janklow too much of Kevin Shieffer and his
Railroad and that reminds him of Larry is a tangled web of peculiar "South Dakota Values"..

Yup, that's it. The latest GOP gubernatorial commercials.... WE CAN MAKE SD FIRST IN PRISONS AND
PRISONERS Put in enough death penalties to make Texas look like a bunch of pussy cats.. Cut back on
rehabilitation for lawbreakers, stress victims "rights" instead of victims compensation, double or triple prison
terms, ....Yes, that is it GULAG DAKOTA.! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !. But, guess we already had that for juveniles in Plankinton where
running the fat off a kid and leaving her cooking in the hot sun and humidity killed her. Jeez. Back to the drawing board on that

Guess they will have to contact Jim Wooster. Looks like he can talk faster than just about anybody and would
sell his soul to utilities and stinking pig farms for a few shillings. But..hey, he might still have enough "farmer" in him
to work really cheap.. Hello, This is Jim Wooster and we need more prisons....yup that's the story and I'm
sticking to it.............

Well, it was a slow day on the farm today. Meadowlarks were singing. Put me in a jovial mood.....plan your vacations
for GULAG DAKOTA. call 1-800-GOTOJAIL in SOUTH DAKOTA OF ALL PLACES...home of more Republicans and
more jail birds than nearly anyplace else in the western hemisphere. But, be rich if you come here--- boredom and
poverty can kill your spirt and you too. Happy trails to you (but watch out for Republicans crooning , "Happy Jails to
You." (I think Wooster can play a guitar too).

Thursday, May 23, 2002
Comment on SD Political Ads. Big surprise to you I am sure

Not having cable or satellite TV, we see mostly SD TV. In particular, versions of KSFY and KELO which
are loaded with political ads from Kirby, Barnett,Abbott, Rounds, Thune, Johnson, Herseth, etc...etc..

By now we have seen most of them a few dozen times. After seeing any ad that often, most of us will notice
some strange things.

About the strangest is the way Jim Abbott moves his hands around in his ads. In some, he appears to be
kneading bread in mid air. In others his hands look like he is trying to direct traffic at a busy intersection.
In most of them, he appears to be moving his hands in a way Alfred E. Newman might if he were asking
"What Me Governor?". As hefty as Abbott has gotten after getting an appointment as USD President,
I get the feeling he is moving his hands to demonstrate some indication of physical exercise which is
directly contradicted by his appearance.

As a lifetime Democrat, I do hope that if Abbott gets the Democratic nomination for Governor, he will
have somebody who is not a rabid toady take a look at his commercials before he tortures TV viewers
all across SD. It might also be nice if he sounded just a little bit more like a Democrat statesman and somewhat
less like a lukewarm Republican president of a Chamber of Commerce.advocating a prayer breakfast to
demonstrate opposition to Sunday morning football.

I am getting sleepy just writing this. That's all for tonight from SDPP-ORG (c) by Douglas Wiken.
If the wind does not blow 30 to 50 miles per hour tonight, I might be alert enough to generate some blather
about the other candidate ads. Stay tuned up.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002
Logo says it is a "FORUM OF PROGRESSIVE OPINION" and it is in South Dakota
Welcome to Dakota Journal
A guy who writes in his Dakota Journal George McGovern’s name stands for courage, decency, civility, compassion, incorruptibility, tolerance, peace and intellectualism. Bill Janklow’s name means cowardice, depravity, corruption, boorishness, selfishness, bigotry, pugnacity and demagoguery.
can't be all bad. Keep an eye on this forum. I never heard of it before today.
-------- Doug Wiken